Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just a day at the movies!

Today I decided to take Ethan to the movies to see Madagascar. He has seen the movie several times at home, but I thought it would be a fun mother/son adventure to go to the movies. When we got in the theater, the lights were out and the movie was beginning. We walked halfway up the stairs, excused ourselves around a few other people, and sat in the middle of the row. Ethan climed into his seat and immediately started saying "roar" for the lion and "say-dees" for the zebra. (Mom's horse is called Mercedes, so all horses and zebras are called "say-dees" to Ethan. After about 2 mintes, he was ready to go. I tried to get him to stay until we became a disturbance to others.
As we reached the exit level to leave, he pointed to the lower section and said "sit." So trying to make this fun for him I went along with this. Ethan took us to the FIRST row all by ourselves and said "sit" again. As soon as I got him situated and started to sit down...he got up and began running around. Embarrassed, I quickly gathered our belongings (minus one sippy cup we lost in the chase) and made a mad dash for the exit. Guess I'll be saving our movie days for when he's older! We opted for the mall play area in lieu of the movies today.


Jenny said...

Kudos to you for trying it! I've been tempted to go many times, but have yet to be brave enough. Your story cracks me up though... sounds like something Cal would do!

Robinson Family said...

Oh, I can so imagine your embarrassment...all the while, Ethan was probably having the time of his life. Good job for trying...and even more impressive that you took him to a place where he actually could run and play, since that was what he was in the mood for!

edensfamily said...

too funny-kinda like our fiasco at church today...I hope all is going well!! I need to call you soon. Jana