Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It seems like in this crazy whirlwind of life, I sometimes forget the simple things that I am so grateful for.

~A husband that treats me like a queen.
~Ethan's big smile where his nose crinkles.
~Lathan's bear hugs around my neck....I just melt.
~Playing the piano today- I really miss that!
~A job that I completely love (and getting to work with my mom and sister)
~Living in Texas...cold weather is NOT for me
~Laying on the couch with my snuggly blanket..it's even better when Ethan asks me if I'm cold and covers me up.
~Listening to a child's prayer at night-PRICELESS!
~Date nights
~Having a child that tells me he loves me without prompting.
~My family's health

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Artists=less children

Ethan and Lathan have become quite the artists!!! So much that they decorated our house with PERMANENT marker!! Between Mr. Eraser and touch-up paint, I have managed to get everything back to normal. The carpet is another issue. We have one last chemical to try on the floor and then it's off to the carpet store for replacement (the steam cleaners have already come and tried as well). Oh and did I mention, this was on a Saturday and they colored their bodies too? I threatened that we would not be attending church looking like that...luckily, scrubbing until their skin turned red seemed to work. So for all who have been wondering...this artwork project has made me reconsider having a 3rd child for a while or indefinately (This has been a ongoing disucssion between Nate and I for awhile). He was happy to hear me say, "you win" for once!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Merry Hallogivingmas-part 1!

For those who have missed our crazy and mischievous children, here are the pictures that I have been hounded about. We have a new camera with many more pictures, but those will have to wait until I can learn how to download. The boys seemed to really enjoy the holidays. We spent Halloween in Arkansas with family, Thanksgiving in California for a Toyota trip, and Christmas at home. I have several more pictures and stories to tell, but will wait since 3 blogs is such an overachievement for me! And yes...those are my bras! If only you knew how busy these boys keep us!!!

One morning while I was getting ready for work, E thought it would be fun to take a bubble bath in our tub. I was in the closet dressing only to hear.."help mommy." The bubbles we're at the top of his neck and almost overflowing in the floor. It was probably the best bath he's had yet!

Lathan has this obsession with his putting q-tips in his ears and wearing my shoes. Funny kid!

Merry Hallogivingmas-part 2!

Woody and Buzz Lightyear had a great time at Halloween. I think it was Lathan's favorite holiday-I couldn't keep him out of the candy.

LJ & E with their 2nd cousins, Gage & Caise

Merry Hallogivingmas-part 3!

We don't see this often...snow in Texas! The boys wanted to stay outside all night!

Lathan was scared of Santa, so we do not have any pictures of Lathan with Santa. Ethan explained to him that he wanted "Blue, Yellow, and Red Race cars" Needless to say, he received several cars. They also received a swing set which he continues to thank Santa for. Too bad Santa wouldn't pay for it!