Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Pictures

X-mas pics as promised




Thursday, January 10, 2008

Babies turning into boys!

I will apologize up front as this post does not have any pictures. Our camera is temporarily unavailable. I do have some wonderful pictures I will post soon for you to see. Until then, here are some updates on the boys.
Ethan- He is maturing in his speech everyday. Last week I went from "momma" to "mom" It felt very strange! His new favorite word is "ok" which I guess has replaced his old word "stuck" (I stuck, it's stuck, etc.)
Today we were loaded in the car and were ready to go when he informed me, "mom, door" How sweet of him to remind me to close my car door before taking off :) This morning he also asked to go to a basketball game. I explained that we had to go to school today, but we would go to another game soon. (We have been attending A&M's boys and girls basketball games recently....he loves the yells and the dancing!)
Ethan has also recently become obssesed with Christmas~ He talks about Santa almost everyday and says "ho ho ho" At first he didn't like Santa. Here is our Christmas morning talk:
Mommy: Ethan, Santa came to see you last night.
Ethan: No
Mommy: Yes he did. He came down the chimmney.
Ethan: No
Mommy: Yes, he came and brought you presents because you have been good.
Ethan: Ok
The following day, after waking up from a nap at Nona & Pappy's ranch, he came to the tree and pointed it to it and said, "want more" Yesterday, he said he wanted Santa. I gently had to explain that Santa only comes once a year. These last few weeks have been interesting and fun as he is learning so much so quickly!

Now on to Lathan (LJ). He has become our sensitive child. Just scolding him can make him cry, whereas, spanking Ethan with a wooden spoon doesn't phase him. It's funny how they are so opposite! Lathan has really taken to his daddy lately. He is beginning to talk. So far, the only words he says is "da-da" I find it interesting how a mom can spend most of the time with the children and their first words are "da-da" Everytime I try to get him to say "momma," he laughs at me. He has the sweetest laugh and smile. Lathan now has 3 teeth on top and 3 on bottom with another one poking through on top. He loves to eat!!! I haven't found any real food he doesn't like. He does have a lot of baby food he doesn't care for though...I guess he just wanted to skip to real food! Green beans and spaghetti are his favorites. He is walking holding on to things. He's still a little timid to let go, but it won't be too long before he takes off!! E & LJ love wrestling on the floor. It won't be long before Ethan will be the small one.
As soon as our camera is returned, I will post more pictures of our precious ones!