Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Playing outside

Lathan has turned into a thumb-sucker!

Our friends, Hannah & Jackson, came to visit us. They all took a ride in Ethan's new truck.

He's too cute for his own good!
We are not far from crawling...Lathan is rocking on all four's now.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Zoo Trip

We orginally had plans to go to San Antonio for the weekend. We were going to take the kids to the zoo and riverwalk. Earlier in the week, Lathan got pink eye and an ear infection, and Ethan had hand, foot, and mouth disease. Needless to say, we decided an overnight trip was not really the best idea. Instead we took a day trip to the Waco zoo. The weather was nice and the boys did very well.
I had them dressed in color coordinated outfits (blue and orange). Nate thought I was a dork, but I wanted to make the pictures cute. Well, my idea was destroyed when Ethan decided he wanted to wear his bright red Atkinson Toyota hat that Pappy gave him. I tried to get him to wear a khaki or blue hat (since Lathan had a blue hat on), but there was no changing his mind. He held on to that hat very tight (see below) all the way to Waco. So Dad, he's definately great advertisement for you! After all the fuss...it ended up being really cute to watch him be a big boy with his hat.

Ethan chasing the pacing "cheetah" (as Nate called it). He loved this one!

Nate is showing Ethan the snakes...my least favorite animal. Of course, I have a son who is especially intrigued by them! I just pray that someday he doesn't pick one up and try to play with it.