Friday, July 25, 2008

Part 1: We're Back!

Sorry we have taken such a long break from blogging. We've been busy with VBS, 2 trips to Arkansas, Lathan breaking (really it was more like a crack) his wrist, taking a cruise (pictures to come later), and 4th festivities. It's been a fun whirlwind with many more summer activities to come! Here's a few pictures for your enjoyment!

Nate took Ethan to play golf with some of our friends (Jeremy and Collin). Ethan absolutely loves golf which will make many many people happy! I continue to ask him if he want to play tee-ball, soccer, or golf next year. Each time the answer is golf, so golf it is.

We had a "little" accident at home one evening. LJ pulled the drawer on the sofa table which caused it to tip over. Unfortantely, his wrist was directly under the table when we picked it up. After an ER and a few doctors visits, we are better. He cracked a bone and had to wear a small cast for a 1 1/2 weeks (children heal much quicker than adults). We were very fortunate as this could have been much worse. He still has a some bruising and swelling after a few weeks, but is starting to use his hand again. Nate was concerned about his capabilities of eating since he is right you can see from the picture, he had no problems finding a way to get food in his mouth!

Ethan was all smiles at VBS!

We took the boys to the Rodeo last week. Ethan loved watching the horses and clowns. LJ took a nice long nap.

Collin and Ethan on the 4th watching the fireworks

LJ at school during their July 4th parade

Part 2: We're back (trips to AR)

On one of our trips to Arkansas, Nate and I spent a weekend with Nate's parents in Little Rock. Below is a picture of all the boys at the park. We had a wonderful picnic and a very relaxing weekend.

For the other trip, my mom and I took the boys up to Paragould to see her family.

Some of the many great-grandchildren

A bunch of us went bowling. This is Gage with Ethan..they love playing together.

This is a wonderful discovery we found in Jonesboro...a fantastic park. A bunch of us enjoyed a picnic and then played at the park that also included a water park!

Our visit to the firestation where, Darrak (my cousin) works. The boys absolutely loved it!