Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Day at the Ranch

The boys and I were at the ranch hanging out. Mom, Laura, and I decided to take the boys in the mule to the back part of the property. (For those who don't know what a mule is: it's similar to a golf cart, but has two benches, is meant for more rough terrain, and we currently do not have the windshield on it.) So, on our way back to the house, it started sprinkling. Laura is in the back seat with the boys, so mom and I end up being their shield in the front. We look ahead and see the downpour that is blowing our direction with the wind. Laura covered Lathan with the diaper cloth. I covered Ethan's face with his cowboy hat (although, he would have preferred nothing as this was fun to him!). It was raining so hard that mom had a hard time seeing the road even through her sunglasses. By the end of the trip, we could ring water out of clothes. Since Ethan was already wet, we let him play in the rain. You gotta love mother nature!!

The other pictures are Ethan playing with a friend's dog and just chillin!


Robinson Family said...

I'm sure being soaked was probably less than enjoyable at the time, but I'm so glad you had your camera--it'll be a fun memory for all of you. Way to go, letting Ethan play in the rain--Norah is the same way. She looks at us funny every time we use our umbrella, as if to question, "Where's the fun in that--it'll keep us dry?"

Jenny said...

A little water never hurt anyone... in fact, a little water is a whole-lotta-fun!

Chillin' is way fun too!!!

By the way, it looks like Lathan is all boy!

edensfamily said...

too funny-I would have loved to have seen that, except i don't think i would have been laughing if i was that soaked!!