Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Funny Things

For some reason, both of the boys have been waking up around 4am lately. While I am feeding Lathan in the nursery this is what I hear.... Ethan closes his door behind him, comes to close the nursery door (without peeping in), and then walks to our bedroom to close the door behind him. After putting Lathan back to bed, I return to bed only to find Ethan nice and cozy..sound asleep on my pillow with my blanket. I have been pushing him over and letting him sleep with us for the rest of the morning. But now I am finding myself very tired...he is a horrible wiggle worm in his sleep. My sister can vouch for that as he spends the night with her once a week. Last night, I returned him to his proper place and I rested much better! I don't know what the issue is with doors either. He likes them all closed...even when you are in his room playing with him. He even used to lock Augusta in his room with him to force her to play with him...silly little boy!

Ethan is also very interested in counting right now. This is how we count...1,2,1,2,and so on and so on. Three just doesn't seem to be an option right now! He even repeated Count Dracula (I think that's his name) on Sesame Street with 1,2,1,2,1,2 for the number 6. We'll get there one day!


Robinson Family said...

Good for you for "reclaiming" your turf. Norah was sick one night last week, so we let her sleep in our bed, but I don't think Jason or I got a wink between her constant movement (on top of being worried about her fever).

That's funny about the doors. Maybe he's just excited that he's tall enough to reach the knob?

Lucas Letters said...

I hope Nora is feeling better! I think the door thing might be a little OCD in him. He also likes to line up his animals and cars in a row.