Friday, August 10, 2007


It still amazes me how God can create two totally different individuals from the same set of parents! Lathan is starting to show his personality more and it is becoming apparant how completely different it is from Ethan's. I started thinking about how different they were after I weighed them (don't ask me why). Ethan is in the lower percentile for weight and Lathan in the higher (obviously). They are 23 months apart...same as Laura and I. And as of today, Ethan weighs 28lbs and Lathan weighs 18lbs. ONLY 10 POUNDS DIFFERENCE!! I'm wondering how quick Lathan will catch up with Ethan (and I'm pretty sure he will). So, I guess you could say when I'm holding them both, I'm getting a good workout on my arms! We also have noticed that Lathan likes to have people around him. He doesn't like to be left by himself, whereas, Ethan plays wonderful by himself. But, Ethan is more of an extravert as far as communicating with others. As a baby, Ethan would let anybody hold him and was happy. We have noticed that Lathan starts crying if he's not familiar with you. No matter how different they may be, I love them both for all their characteristics! Anyways, just thought I would share my random thought for today.


Anonymous said...

Leah, The Lord's handiwork is amazing when you look at the 2, completely different personalities of Ethan and Lathan. I believe God wants us to experience many different personalities, so we will know how to interact with others.

You and Nate are going to do a great job raising your sons in the Lord. Seeing Ethan watching his Pappy lead singing and watching Lathan observing everyone around him indicates he is learning so quickly and how quickly they learn to model what we think is important!

Thank you for letting Baky and I be a part of yours and your children's lives. It is difficult for me to keep my hands off Lathan and I love you for sharing him with me!

Love always,