Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mr. Photographers

Little hands found the camera...look at their shots!


Kevin & Tiffany Daniels said...

Hey...I grew up with Nate in St. Joseph and found ya'll from the Wims' blog. I used to be Tiffany Oertwig. I signed in to follow your blog. I didn't want you tho think I was some weird stalker person. So glad to see your handsome boys...what a nice family. Strange enough being from Missouri, we are in Beaumont, TX (we moved from Houston 8 months ago). Tell Nate "hi".

Kevin & Tiffany Daniels said...

Hey, I found ya'll from the Wims' blog. I grew up with Nate in St. Joseph. It's great to see your nice family. Tell Nate I said "hi". I signed up to follow your blog, I wanted to let you know who I am to avoid confusion. Strange enough, we are in TX too (moved from Houston 8 months ago to Beaumont)...its a small world.