Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ethan's new found (and very expensive) love is flying on airplanes. Yesterday I was explaining to him that mommy and daddy are going on a trip. I told him he would get to stay and play at Nona & Pappy's house while we were gone, but we promised to come back and get him. He quickly agreed until he realized we were going on a plane trip without him. This was very upseting to him until I explained that we would be going on another plane trip very soon with him (thank goodness we have another trip planned).

He loves everything about flying...rolling his "Cars" suitcase like all the other adults, boarding, snacks on the plane, and looking out the window. He is constantly talking about riding on a plane. Last month, I had a business conference in Florida. So, Ethan came with us on the trip. Here are some pictures of his adventures.