Thursday, September 11, 2008

Creative Fun

This summer we have really been trying to think outside the box for some of our fun activities. Now that the boys are old enough to play (or should I say...get into mischief) together, they have found some interesting things to do. The picture below is a frog they found in the backyard. They had a blast...I'm just not sure the frog thought the same!

Ethan "skating" in the coke boxes.

This is when we were stuck at home with the stomach bug (which we enjoyed for four weeks this summer...I would never wish that on anyone!!) That is why they are both in diapers...which is funny since they are wearing the same size! And yes, that is CD cases all over the floor, and they are in the entertainment center!

Ethan helped me make brownies one day, and Lathan helped with the tasting!


Melissa said...

Hey, Leah. I just found your blog via your facebook. Your boys are adorable! I can only imagine the fun of having 2 boys. I just have one boy, and he's a total handful. Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and let you know I may be blog stalking you now. :-)