Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BIG Moments!

Lathan had his first haircut even though I hated to cut those beautiful baby curls. We had a wonderful stylist (Auntie L) who did a great job! Lathan sat very still...I expected to really have a struggle with him to sit still. I think he was entranced by everthing. Afterwards, I took the boys to the mall with me and made a quick stop in Victoria's secret. Apparently, a haircut means you're all grown up....as I was shopping, the little stink opened one of the drawers, pulled out a pair of green panties and was waving them around for everyone to see!!! I only saw his discovery after I heard people giggling and watching him. To say the least, I was embarrased and am not sure if I need to be returning to that store with my boys.

I also posted a picture of Ethan's amazed look of his new haircut. I bet all stylists wish they had such animated clients when looking at the end result! Ok..for Ethan's growing moment: This past Sunday he decided to sing with us during service. I thought it was so sweet until I heard what he was singing...."Max, Max, Max." For those of you who do not know- Max & Ruby is Ethan's favorite cartoon. He has even said he wants the next baby (if there is one) to be called Max. Not sure if that will fly. For now we'll just listen to his his sweet singing in church!


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