Saturday, February 16, 2008


Lathan's favorite pastime is eating, and I mean anything! He eats almost everything I put in front of him, as well as things I don't put in front of him. So far, we can account for 1/2 a rubber bouncy ball, a partial page from Ethan's book (we found this in the details needed), and mostly the scraps in the kitchen (who says you need a dog?).

I saved the best for last! His crib looks like a beaver attacked it! I guess we should add wood to the list.

Now, who wouldn't love a face like that!


Sarah said...

This crib is HILARIOUS!!! Leah, I LOVE reading about the boys!! They're so cute and getting so big!

Robinson Family said...

What a fun post! The picture of him with the beads in his mouth is priceless!

And that crib...WOW! He's been busy! Norah gnawed on the sides of her crib (which, is actually the same one as yours, I think), but thankfully left the head and foot board that convert, if Eli will just leave it alone, we may actually get to use it in his big boy room someday!