Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Arkansas Trip

As promised..here are the Arkansas trip pictures. We had a wonderful week visiting all our relatives! Now that we are home, Ethan has started school and LJ has started sitting up (can you believe it?)

Nana & LJ.

Papa & Ethan playing

Mattie & Ethan (3rd cousins). They were born 3 days apart. Below is Kevin (Nate's cousin) and Nate with our newest members...TanaBeth & Lathan!

Uncle Darrell & LJ mowing! Gage & E riding the gator.

This is my Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Jean with LJ. The bottom picture is most of the great-grandkids. We are missing 2 children...notice they are all boys!! I guess it runs in the family!


edensfamily said...

cute pics, glad ya'll had a great trip. hope to see you soon!! you weren't playing when you said all boys...i see huge football and baseball games at family gatherings in your future!! Jana